Concurrent Session- Diversity In Building Resilient Real Estate Companies

April 17, 2018 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Ballroom A Concurrent Sessions

In today’s competitive commercial real estate market, companies must seek every advantage to achieve business success, and must be resilient against any eventuality.  Companies that respond to the distinctive real estate needs of diverse groups, and how to fully utilize the diverse range of real estate talent available, will flourish; those which do not, will be left behind.  Through specific detailed examples, this panel will show exactly how diversity has caused real estate companies to succeed where other companies have not.  Moreover, in addition to the direct business case for diversity that these examples illustrate, social equity is a great motivator for talented diverse real estate professionals which makes them contribute even more to the success of their companies while achieving more just and equitable results that produce a second order business advantage.


Moderator: Alan S. Gregerman, President and Chief Innovation Officer of VENTURE WORKS Inc.


Panelists:    Jodie McLean, Chief Executive Officer, EDENS

Julie A. Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, The Bozzuto Group

Usha Chaudhary, President and Chief Operating Officer, Kettler