Quick Hits

April 30, 2019 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM Hall Panel

ULI Washington Housing Attainability Study
The district council convened a Housing Impact Task Force in 2018 to examine issues of housing attainability in the region. The underlying theme of the research is that constrained supply leads to higher prices, and the land use entitlement and citizen participation processes are obstacles to maximizing housing production. The report focuses on how to improve the processes and regulations to create attainable housing for all individuals and families at all income levels.

Presenter: Yolanda Cole, Senior Principal and Owner, Hickok Cole Architects


How to Win with Practical Applications of AI in CRE Investing  

What is the difference between ML and heuristic approaches to some common CRE problems like asset valuation? When does ML become AI? And how can these technologies be used to solve real-world problems in CRE? During this talk, we’ll try to answer these questions and more by providing some basic background about the subject and walking through some actual use cases for AI in CRE.

Presenter: Or Hiltch, Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Skyline AI

Active Transportation and Real Estate: The New Frontier

Transportation is changing. Car Share, ride share, autonomous vehicles and other new technologies are all impacting consumer behavior and infrastructure decision making. However, active transportation and innovations in micro mobility are having outsized impacts. Bicycle infrastructure can provide both cities and developers with more bang for the buck. This session will showcase the new TOD – “Trail Oriented Development”: what it is and how it is changing both cities and development.

Presenter: Ed McMahon, ULI Fellow, ULI-the Urban Land Institute


PropTech’s Continued Rise, and Real Estate’s Emerging Response

In the span of a few short years, real estate and property related technology (“PropTech”) has rapidly emerged as one of the most active and fastest growing segments within the broader tech sector.

This Quick Hit will provide a snapshot of the current state of today’s PropTech market, discuss key trends and themes to watch as the sector continues to mature, and examine how real estate leaders are positioning their firms to capitalize on this unprecedented period of opportunity.

Presenter: Zak Schwarzman, Partner, Metaprop Ventures